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This is Pastor Yeo at Chaplains On The Way, shaving our beloved friend "beautiful Bill"... he carried an electric razor with him everywhere... But there was no plug in the bathroom in front of the mirror so he couldn't see to shave himself.

Meet our Pastor

Korte Yeo is a 2015 graduate Andover Newton Theological School where he was named to the schools only Honor Society and won the outstanding public preaching award for his class. He is currently a chaplain at “Chaplains on the Way”; a ministry serving those experiencing homelessness or living on the margins in Waltham.

Korte entered Seminary near the end of 2011, 15 years into a spiritual Odyssey, en route to becoming a minister to the surprise of no one but himself.

I grew up in central Massachusetts, the youngest of 8. I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life; spending 8 years in western Mass, and about 15 years around Boston. There was always laughter around my house- most of which was instigated by me. As I grew older, I became interested in comedy. I love story itself... finding many wonderful spiritual metaphors in art, books and film.

I had a vital spiritual experience that began to the best of my knowledge and awareness, sometime in 1996. Shortly afterward, I became a spiritual sponge, soaking up everything I could and learning from all manner of spiritual teachers and fellow sojourners along the road less traveled.

My early days seeking God were blessed with a number of spiritual experiences. In 2001 I had a profound experience of the Presence of Christ. This did not in any way diminish any of the wonderful spiritual experiences or teachings I had enjoyed prior to this, or make them any less real... but my own spiritual weather vane began to point more and more toward Jesus as who I wanted to follow.

The man's teachings had always moved and challenged me. His courage inspired and awed me, and I became gripped with a desire to know who he was.  Ultimatly, I fell in love with Jesus; his crazy, mind-bending stories (that we have sadly domesticated and drained the challenge from), his sense of humor (yes, you read that right), his faith, courage and most of all- his compassion for others, something we desperately need to re-discover.

As I have continued down the spiritual path in this life, I have been exposed to many wonderful mentors. One of my early spiritual advisors described his particular task as that of placing my hand in God's hand so that we might walk through life together.” That struck me then as a terrific responsibility. Now I believe this to be my calling- and both a privilege and tremendous responsibility. Life is about transformation...we are constantly evolving into the people we were always created to be... or we're not. Pretty simple, right? Did I get closer to God today? Or did I get further away from God?

As God's kids, I think we need to learn how to play together, love one another and learn together. I have a background that includes a lot of interfaith work and I firmly believe ALL God's kids deserve respect and have an integrity bestowed on them by the One who created us all. I have prayed and worked alongside Christians, Jews, Muslims, non-theists, Deists and agnostics... and I believe we are all absolutely adored by the Holy and we need to treat one another as such.

God bless and be well, Korte, Chaffin Congregational Church Pastor

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